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English resume

English resume

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English resume

In the year 2007 the Czech Consumer Association and Česká spořitelna (Erste Holding) have realized that the situation of constantly increasing indebtedness of the Czech population will inevitably in the near future lead to a significant rise of issues due to people’s over-indebtedness and subsequent incapacity to honour their contractual obligations in a due and timely manner, with signs of such a development being evident already today, and with the impacts negatively affecting both the consumers and the financial service providers but also the civil society as such.

In order to fulfil the purpose of mutual cooperation, the Czech Consumer Association and Česká spořitelna (Erste Holding) have agreed that they will jointly found an independent Debt Advisory Center - Counselling in Stringency (“Poradna”) in Public Benefit Organization form.

Poradna is nowadays funded by its contributive Partners - banking groups like Erste Holding, KBC Group, Societe Generale Group, UniCredit, Raiffeisen Bank, PPF Group. Poradna has other non – paying Partners: Czech Consumer Association, Faculty of Business Administration of University of Economics, Prague. The Partners cooperate closely in facilitating Poradna’s operation.

The Partners are of the opinion that certain steps can be taken to prevent insolvency to a certain extent, or to limit the impacts of insolvency on consumers so that the course and result of the insolvency procedure are as acceptable as possible for both the consumer and his/her creditors; therefore, the Partners are convinced that it is in the interest of the consumer public, financial sector as well as civil society in the Czech Republic as such to prepare well in advance for solving potential problems connected with insolvency.

Poradna is a non-governmental non-profit organization that provides advice to consumers threatened by or already in a state of insolvency. Poradna also assists consumers in preparing an overview of their income and expenses with the objective of finding a source of funds to pay their instalments in situations when the consumers are considering taking a financial obligation (loan, credit etc.) upon themselves. Poradna renders its advice independently of the positions or opinions of its founders, sponsors, government or other entities that might have a financial or ideological interest in how a particular case is resolved. Poradna in particular endeavours, upon the consumer’s request, to analyze the consumer’s equity situation or potential reasons for his/her insolvency, and subsequently provides the consumer with qualified professional advice that primarily aims at prevention of insolvency and consolidation of the consumer’s debt.

Organisation’s mission

High-quality and effective consulting activities for citizen in financial stringency, in imminent or existing insolvency or subject to execution, and help in submitting applications to be discharged from debts.

To have positive impact on consumers so that they will have deeper financial and legal knowledge in the sphere of taking credits and loans, to be able to take credits prudently and to approach settlement of their insolvency responsibly and actively.


Our help for your new start.

Strategic vision

The public perceives the existence of the Advisory Centre and utilises its high-quality services.

Definition of the main goals – main priorities

Professional advisory for persons (physical persons, consumers, non-entrepreneurs) in financial stringency.

General Standards of Non-profit Debt Advisory